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Monna Lisa wines are made in honour of Leonardo da Vinci. He was born here, in a small hilltop village in Tuscany, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. These landscapes inspired one of his greatest and most famous masterpieces, the Monna Lisa, better known as “La Gioconda”, one of the world’s most widely recognized works of art.

Leonardo da vinci

While his name may evoke images of famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, or The Vitruvian Man, he was much more than a painter. Leonardo was the embodiment of the “Renaissance man”, a man who had attained mastery over all branches of arts and science. In fact, he was an architect, sculptor, mathematician, engineer, inventor, philosopher and also a keen lover of the grape as he was a wine-maker himself. In short, he was a genius whose talent and achievements were ahead of his time.


Leonardo received various important commissions throughout his life that pushed his inventiveness, versatility and wide-ranging knowledge. In 1502, he was commissioned by Cesare Borgia (Duke Valentino, famous leader and cardinal, son of Pope Alexander VI) to inspect and direct all ongoing and planned construction in his domain. While in Romagna Leonardo built the Port-Canal in Cesenatico that stands today as a distinctive gem in the charming town of the Romagna Riviera.